Ministerial Correspondence

Earlier this week we met with DPTI to discuss the community engagement thus far. One piece of feedback they had for us is that it’s very consuming for them addressing the same questions that come through various forms – directly, through us, via Ministers and Councillors etc. We don’t think we can eliminate this, but it may help to show some official correspondence we’ve had with Hon. Tom Koutsantonis (Minister for Transport and Infrastructure). Certainly don’t consider any of these avenues closed if you have further concerns, but you may also find some answers saving enquiry as well as more details on the issues we are raising.

Construction noise
From T Koutsantonis 12.4.13

Sugar Gums, Vegetation, Community Wildlife Project, Landscaping, Rail Noise
From T Koutsantonis 15.4.13

Greenways Project, Cycling Paths & Safety, Lanscaping, Sound Mitigation, Emerson Crossing Temp Closure
From T Koutsantonis 17.4.13

Sugar Gums, Vegetation, Community Wildlife Project, Landscaping
From T Koutsantonis 19.4.13

Leah St Temporary Speed Limit Reduction
From T Koutsantonis 07.5.13

ARTC Responsibility, Rail Noise, EPA Guidelines, Sound Mitigation
From T Koutsantonis 15.5.13

Sugar Gums, Vegetation, Community Wildlife Project, Traffic Control, Construction Dust
From T Koutsantonis 27.5.13


ARTC Upcoming Scheduled Works

Wanted to highlight some upcoming works that are not part of the Goodwood Junction Upgrade:

Other ARTC maintenance works will be
undertaken throughout the area at the following
• Friday, 7 June 2013 (11am – 11:30pm)
• Saturday, 8 June 2013 (11:30am – 1am)
• Monday, 10 June 2013 (9:30am – 12am)

Any enquiries regarding ARTC activities can be directed to the ARTC (Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd) Enviroline number on 1300 550 402.

Newsletter #7 – Dissatisfaction with Community Engagement Process, Outstanding Issues

Goodwood RAG 7


G-RAG is dissatisfied with the Rail Project Team’s response to our concerns
Lack of commitment to genuine consultation by DPTI and the Project Team
Adequate noise abatement and improved amenity for Nairne and Richards Terraces
Further investigation of arsenic soil contamination and vibration damage to homes
Progress on rehabilitation and re-vegetation of our local habitat
Cranbrook Ave/Arundel Ave concerns
Greenways bikeway
Victoria St pedestrian crossing
Fairfax St crossing
Devon St South
Leah St and traffic planning generally remains inadequate
The Goody Patch Community Garden – do you want to join?

G-RAG Meeting Minutes 8/5

G-RAG Minutes 8.5.13


Summary of feedback from Open Day & items for follow up
Renewed concerns on arsenic contamination
Progress on landscaping Devon St Sth
Disappointment re: poisoning of trees in Canterbury Ave/Cowper Rd
General frustration with CAG mentality, inform -> defend -> proceed


Put up to reach more residents due to short notice – Goodwood Junction Upgrade – Night works Wednesday 1st May 2013 – final 290413

As discussed last night, Leader Street was temporarily closed to traffic at the level crossing from 10pm to 3am to undertake some signalling works. These works are not completed last night and as the attached notification that was distributed to 600 properties around Leader Street advises, the contingency plan is to close Leader Street again this evening from 10pm to complete the works.

Electronic signage boards are already in place to alert road users to the closure again this evening. While we are allowing up to 3am to keep the road closed it is likely the works will be completed earlier than this time and if so, the road will be re-opened as soon as works are completed.

The attached notification has a map showing the detour routes.

Please pass this notification on to all anyone who you think would be interested in having this information. Emergency service providers and the Ashford Hospital, along with bus companies have all been notified.

Newsletter #6 – Green Space, Noise Abatement Discussion continues

Available here!

Worth noting that the EPA paper Guidelines for the Assessment of Noise from Rail Infrastructure which we believe the project has been referring to for many weeks has been released, link below.